Hey, there! My name is Arielle Humphries; I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer serving the Dallas, TX metroplex.
I am a mother of three rambunctious kiddos and wife to my favorite person (and second shooter), Cameron. I love plush blankets, Coffee dates, Scented candles, pink, and all of the sparkly things!

Cameron shoots engagements, weddings, and bridals with me and he is fantastic behind the camera! He is the best dad to our kids; and a serious trick-shot master wannabe. His kindergarten journal says that he likes football, food, and the color green, which is all still true today.

Photography has been a passion of mine as long as I can remember. Growing up, I always dreamed of being a photographer but wasn’t sure I could make it a reality. I saw photography as a “dream job” that was only for the select few. So while it was a dream and a hobby, I never actually believed I could do it.

I began believing in my dream when Cameron bought me my first DSLR camera after I expressed my passion for it. He believed in me, and it meant the world to me. I began to take small steps forward, learning about Posing, Lighting, and Camera settings. I practiced, attended workshops, and mentoring sessions until I felt like I had developed my style.

Now, after many years, we have grown my little hobby into a full-time business supporting our little family. It has been the biggest blessing, and we are so grateful to God for granting us this dream.

We hope to continue to support happy couples through our work for years to come! Learn more about our mission and our story here.



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