I’m sitting here passenger side on our 12-hour drive to Destin, FL. Holding Cameron’s hand and listening to a playlist he made for our trip. Three little ones asleep in the back. I can faintly hear soft snoring from one of the kids. This is my happy place. It brings me back to one of our most memorable road trips ever.

It was the day after our wedding, we got into Cameron’s Dads truck that we had borrowed, and we drove straight from Salt Lake City, UT to Plano, Texas — twenty-two hours of driving, only stopping for gas and food. I’ll never forget that drive. Holding Cameron’s hand and scrolling through his iPod Classic. Man, he loved his iPod. Cameron made me a playlist on that iPod for every single drive we ever took. You better believe he made me enough playlists to get us through the long journey to Texas! We drove and drove. I had my Camera in hand, ready to snap pictures in the most touristy of ways. I was thrilled for the new adventure ahead. It was the beginning of something good. I could feel it.

I still remember reading the border sign as we drove into Texas “Drive friendly- The Texas way!” I remember the butterflies that filled my stomach. It hit me right then. I was actually moving to TEXAS. I’ll never forget that moment. It was another 7 hours from the border to Plano. I didn’t mind it though. I loved the drive. I embraced every little bit of my new home state as we traveled through. Right away, I noticed the southern hospitality, The fried pies at every rest stop, everyone referring to soda as “Coke” The “Hey, Y’all!” every time we met someone new. And my personal favorite “Y’all come back now!”.  Ahh, So many little things that made my heart flutter.

Now nine years later, Holding Camerons hand on our road trip as we pass the border sign into Louisiana- With our little family in tow, The newest Cameron playlist playing, All of the memories are flooding back into mind. I can’t help but be grateful that of all those little Texas quirks are my normal everyday life. The butterflies are back, Remembering the beginning of our life together and where we are today. We have another 8 hours of driving to go, and I’ll be right here embracing the fact that I am road tripping with not only Cameron but our three babies.

I am so grateful that God blessed me at 18 years old with the love of my life and the greatest home state.

“Y’all, come back now!”


|| Funny story: On mine and Cameron’s first date, in Salt Lake City, Utah Cameron said “I just want to let you know incase this is going anywhere, I am going to live in Texas.”  I just laughed. ||


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