Our engagement- The beginning of our mission.

When Cameron and I were engaged, I was 17 he was 21. Starting out #engagedlife was pure JOY (for a minute). We were so excited to start our lives together. We couldn’t wait to tell the world we were getting married. We had the same values, goals, and dreams. We both dreamed of a God-centered marriage. We dreamed of a life full of love, and laughter. We were excited to be doing what we were taught to do.
But, Things went anything but smoothly once we shared our excitement with the world.

During the year we were engaged. We were surprised to find that our excitement was met with disappointment. We found that we had very little support. There were so many people telling us that we were ruining our lives and we shouldn’t get married because of our (mostly my) age. I was 17, so I understood the concern. But, People I didn’t even know would stop us in public and ask us if we really wanted to cut our lives short like this. So many opinions were forced on us. Over and over we were criticized. Honestly, It beat me down.

It was such a confusing time for us. If so many people think that marriage is “the end”…Why do people get married so often?

I remember my mom telling me on a particularly hard day, “Arielle, I know you-you are going to do whatever you believe is right regardless of what other people think. No one else can tell you what’s right for you.”

Those words have kind of been my motto through the years. Even though the world was telling me I was wrong, I knew, and I felt so deeply, that I was right. Since that time, I’ve made so many decisions that I knew other people wouldn’t accept (more on that later). Choices that other people didn’t really believe in or agree with. That didn’t matter! I know me. I know my heart. I know my goals.

I won’t lie to you, Marriage is not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. And If I’m being honest, there were several times that I was worried that *maybe* I didn’t make the right choice (I tend to over analyze). But for every moment that my silly brain questioned my decision. There were 5 BILLION other times where I laughed that I ever even for a second doubted us.

Cameron and I are so much alike, we’re so goofy, happy, comfortable together. I often find myself thinking about how lucky I am to have married him. My Cameron who is so much like me, yet so different in all the right ways. Is it cheesy to say he absolutely completes me? Probably! But, without that deep love for him, that same feeling, that calmness that he brings me. I don’t think I could ever survive the things that life has thrown at us.

There are so many reasons why our passion is supporting other couples, capturing love stories and weddings together. This is just the very beginning. With the right person, marriage is the beginning of the best life. We want you to believe in yourself and your choices. We want to support you in your marriage for as long as we can. Nine years in, and we are still grateful everyday that we chose each other.


Photo credit: Luisa’s Secret Photography


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